Are Polished Plaster Walls Easier To Maintain?

Have you ever seen those homes on Instagram with walls that look like fancy marble or straight-up silk? That’s the power of polished plaster, my friends. But hold on, before you fall head over heels for their amazingness, there’s a big question: Are these walls easy to take care of, or a significant pain? This guide will break down polished plaster walls to see if it fits your laid-back (or maybe not-so-laid-back) vibe.

What are polished plaster walls?

Polished plaster is like the ultimate glow-up for your space!  Imagine this fancy trick where they layer plaster on the walls and buff it out until it’s smooth and shiny, like fancy marble, excellent stone, or even silky smooth! They come in tons of colours and textures, so you can find one that matches your style, no matter what it is. Modern, classic, you name it! They’re famous for living rooms, hallways, and even bathrooms (as long as the bathroom has good air circulation).

Do polished plaster walls stand the test of time? 

Absolutely! Polished plaster walls are the best finishes – they age like fine wine. When done right and looked after, they can last for decades, adding serious value to your home. Here’s why:

  • Built to last: They use several plaster layers, making them super strong and able to handle everyday bumps and bruises.
  • Stain-resistant: Unlike paint, which attracts stains like moths to a flame, polished plaster is naturally stain-resistant. Small spills? Just wipe them away—no dramas!
  • Moisture mates (with limits): Slap on a protective wax coat, and polished plaster can handle a bit of moisture, making it bathroom-friendly (as long as the ventilation’s good).

Compared to paint: How easy is cleaning polished plaster walls?

We all know paint is a budget-friendly option, but keeping it clean? That’s another story. Paint gets stained, scuffed, and attracts dust like nobody’s business. So, how do polished plaster walls fare in the cleaning battle?

  • Dust busters: A quick whisk with a microfibre cloth is all you need to keep those polished vibes strong. Easy peasy!
  • Wipe-down wonders: For minor spills and dirt, a damp microfibre cloth with mild soap is your weapon of choice. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners? Not a chance!
  • Goodbye touch-ups (mostly): Unlike paint that needs constant touch-ups, polished plaster walls generally don’t need repainting. 

Bright room with tiled floor, open wooden door, large window, and smooth polished plaster walls; focus keyword 'polished plaster walls' highlighting the clean and minimalistic interior design.

The bottom line? Polished plaster walls are way easier to maintain than your average paint job. They’re a cleaning champion as a decorative wall finish, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking their best.

Beyond dusting: Can you deep clean polished plaster walls?

No problem! You need regular dusting and a quick wipe-down for the most polished plaster. But sometimes, more brutal stuff shows up. Here’s how to tackle it:

  • Stubborn stains: Gentle cleaning pastes are made for polished plaster, but always test them in a hidden spot first. You don’t want any surprises.
  • Water warriors (be gentle): While polished plaster can handle a bit of moisture, don’t go overboard. Use a damp cloth, not a soaking one.
  • Dry it off: Once you’re done cleaning, ensure the plaster is completely dry to avoid water damage.

Bonus tips:

  • Figure out the Foe: Different stains need different treatments. Greasy fingerprints might hate a little dish soap solution, while scuff marks might surrender to a gentle eraser. Do some quick research to find the stain’s weakness!
  • Easy does it: It’s tempting to go all-out on a stubborn stain, but hold on! Polished plaster is delicate, so scrubbing too much can damage it. Be patient and use gentle circles instead.
  • Call in the pros: If a stain laughs in the face of your cleaning efforts, don’t be afraid to call a pro. They have the skills and fancy tools to handle those challenging situations without hurting your walls.

Can polished plaster walls be repaired easily? 

For minor cracks, there might be DIY solutions you can explore to keep things budget-friendly. Techniques like patching are a great option, or you can even buff it out with a soft cloth using gentle circles.

Modern interior hallway featuring smooth polished plaster walls, wooden flooring, and tiled rooms with natural light streaming through large windows; focus keyword 'polished plaster walls' emphasizing the sleek and contemporary design.

For bigger whoopsies, though, call in a pro like a plasterer. They’ll check out the damage and tell you the best way to fix it, whether patching things up or giving the area a good polish.

Is polished plaster right for every room?

While polished plaster walls have a lot going for them, there are a few things to consider before you go all in:

  • Humidity holds you back: These beauties prefer to avoid super humid places like laundry rooms or bathrooms with lousy ventilation. Constant moisture exposure can damage the plaster and even lead to the dreaded mystery behind cracks in polished plaster walls.
  • High-traffic havoc: While durable, polished plaster can be more susceptible to scratches and scuffs in high-traffic areas like hallways or kids’ bedrooms. Consider using it in areas with less wear and tear.


Imagine walls that look amazing and are super easy to keep clean. Polished plaster is that. You will only spend some days scrubbing with regular paint, but you gotta use the proper cleaning stuff, or you might mess them up.

So, are these fancy walls a good fit for you? It depends on your life and where you’d put them. If you have messy kids or wild parties, maybe not. But polished plaster could be excellent for a calm space that looks sharp!

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