Is Biophilic Office Design Suitable For All Types Of Environments?

Zen calm wash feeling never dissapoints, especially when walking in the park. Nature is really charm! Creating that feeling in office space is good not just for the eyes, but for the mind, soul, and body too. Biophilic office design bottles that warm and zen feeling, making your space cozy and lovely. 

Buckle up and see how you can harness the power of nature, even in your office setups! 

What is biophilic office design?

Few ferns and plants aren’t the only idea of nature aesthetics. A holistic approach that brings the outdoors in, using natural light, water features, earthy materials like wood and stone, calming patterns, and even virtual reality nature scenes are what makes this design exquisite. Studies show this can lead to a bunch of benefits, like:

  • Boss-level productivity: Research suggests natural elements can boost brainpower, making you a focus and problem-solving champion.
  • Stress less, work more: This creates a more chilled and restorative environment, lowering stress levels and keeping you feeling top-notch.
  • Breathing easy: Plants act as natural air purifiers, sucking up toxins and pollutants, making the office a breath of fresh air (literally!).
  • Employee happiness boost: Feeling connected to nature can create a more positive and engaging work vibe, making everyone happier at the office.

Can biophilic office design work everywhere?

Well, it’s a yes! Its principles can be adapted to pretty much any office environment. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Open-plan offices: Strategically placed plants, skylights for natural light, and maybe even a calming water feature for some added zen.
  • Cubicle jungle: Even in cubicles, elements like living walls, nature-inspired artwork, or a small desktop plant can make a difference.
  • Collaboration stations: It can encourage teamwork and creativity. Observe natural light, comfy seating surrounded by greenery, and if possible, access to outdoor spaces.
  • The boss’s lair: A touch can create a calmer, more inspiring space for you. Think natural wood desks, nature-inspired artwork, or a mini zen garden for some mindful moments.

Are there challenges to implementing biophilic design in some offices? 

While it is incredible, there can be some hurdles to consider in certain office setups:

  • Tight on space? No worries! Vertical gardens, strategically placed plants, and well-positioned light sources can be your space-saving saviours.
  • Plant parenthood not your thing? Low-maintenance options, artificial plants, or self-watering systems can take care of the maintenance side of things.
  • Sniffles in the office? For allergy sufferers, air purifiers and hypoallergenic plants can be the answer.
  • Industry regs got you down? Some industries might have strict hygiene rules. Explore biophilic elements that don’t compromise these, like natural materials or nature-inspired artwork.

How can you adapt biophilic design for different office environments?

The key to understanding your office’s unique needs and limitations. Quick tips to make it work: 

  • Start small: Introduce these elements gradually, like adding a few plants or incorporating natural light.
  • Plant power: Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive indoors with the right amount of light.
  • Lighten up: Make the most of natural light by using skylights, windows, and strategic furniture placement.
  • Nature’s patterns: Think calming spirals, fractals, and organic shapes when choosing furniture or decorations.
  • Virtual nature escapes: If access to natural elements is limited, explore virtual reality simulations of nature scenes.

A little sprucing up needed in your office? Time for repainting your building with nature’s aesthetic! It can liven things up, boost creativity, and make everyone happier at work.

Beyond plants: Nature’s got your back 

Plants are a popular choice in this kind of aesthetic, but there are other options if your office isn’t exactly a jungle gym:

  • Natural materials: Wood, stone, and natural fibres like bamboo can bring the outdoors in, even without the dirt.
  • Water features: A small tabletop fountain or strategically placed water features can add a calming element.
  • Nature’s art gallery: Murals, paintings, or photographs depicting natural landscapes can create a biophilic connection.

How does it affect employee wellbeing?

These days, everyone’s talking about how interior painting boosts employee wellbeing. Many companies struggle to overlook employee burnout, disengagement and mostly decreased productivity. Turns out, bringing nature indoors can really boost employee happiness, chill out stress levels, and even make everyone more productive. Pretty cool, right?

Research backs the positive impact on employee wellbeing. Studies have shown:

  • Productivity powerhouse: A study found that employees with a nature view experienced a 15% productivity boost compared to those without.
  • Stress no more: It is believed that by linking to exposure in natural elements can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels.
  • Employee satisfaction score up: Employees in offices with these kinds of elements report higher levels of job satisfaction.

Is biophilic office design cost-effective?

Biophilic design doesn’t have to break the bank! Sure, there can be some costs upfront for plants, fancy rocks, or a babbling brook (unless you have a hidden natural spring!), but research shows it can make people work better and feel happier at the office. That means less sick days and maybe even less grumpy coworkers – win-win! Plus, natural light and fresh air can save on the electricity bill. Even a few low-maintenance plants or some nature posters can add a biophilic boost. Moreover, this is actually an investment in a more warm, healthy, and productive way – all without blowing the budget.

Is biophilic design right for your office?

If you want to have a better, happier, and fruitful work environment, this is your powerful tool. By understanding the principles and adapting them, you can utilise the power of nature. This not only boost your employee’s wellbeing but also takes your business to the next level!

If you’re worried about your walls looking a bit, well, blah? No need to be worked up! Hiring a professional office painter can help you elevate your walls to a fresh coat of paint in calming, nature-inspired tones. Like a cool accent wall with a nature mural. They’ll have your office looking (and feeling) like a brand new zen zone in no time!

Bring the outdoors in with Djari Group!

No matter the size or layout, Djari Group can help you harmonise biophilic design principles in your office. 

Transform your office into a nature-inspired haven that boosts employee wellbeing and fuels business success. Wanna learn more? Contact us today for free consultation!